I Wouldn't Mind - He Is We

"Merrily we fall out of line, 
Out of line. 
I'd fall anywhere with you, 
I'm by your side."
Sunglasses [c/o Sunglass Spot] - Cardigan [F21] - Dress [c/o Charlotte Russe] - Flats [Ross]

   Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far, or the summer if you lucky ones have already finished school. I don't start my one week summer break until July ): Today, my family, cousins, and family friends went to a park to have an early Memorial Day BBQ and picnic! I wanted to dress into something nice, but comfortable enough to walk around and play in. Charlotte Russe provided me with the most comfortable dress for that! The coral color is so playful, and the material of it was light, but heavy enough for it not to fly up in the air when there was a wind. 

If you're celebrating Memorial Day, let me know how you're spending it! If not, tell me about your weekend! Until then (:


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  1. You look stunning in this dress, Diane! I absolutely love the color. I hope you're enjoying Memorial Day weekend :)




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