The Start of Time - Gabrielle Aplin

"Oh today I'm just a drop of water, 
And I'm running down a mountainside, 
Come tomorrow I'll be in the ocean, 
I'll be rising with the morning tide."
Sunglasses [c/o Sunglass Spot] - Dress [Foreign Exchange] - Swimsuit [H&M]

   You know what I love about the beach? Sleeping. It's one of the best, and personally my favorite thing to do, on the beach. The waves rushing in, the seagulls, the sun and the warmth... It's just so relaxing! Today, the same group of people I was with yesterday went to New Brighton Beach. It wasn't exactly my most favorite beach that I've been to, but it was a beach, and I was going to sleep regardless of what it looked like. My brother and I managed to get a couple of shots after a lot of people left the beach, so that was nice! What I love about this dress is the halter crochet top portion of it. It's so pretty and delicate looking, and it was the main reason why I got it!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Until then!



  1. These photos are absolutely stunning!! You look so elegant in the dress :) The beach is my favorite spot once the weather warms up. I wish we had a longer summer here in NY!



  2. These are the most amazing photographs! It makes me miss summer so much.
    Lovely dress too!

    Kimmiberry xo


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