Anywhere But Here - Safety Suit

"Is this the end of the moment or just a beautiful unfolding, 
Of a love that will never be or maybe be, 
Everything that I never thought could happen or ever come to pass?”
 Sunglasses [AliExpress] - Jacket [Styles For Less] - Sweater [Papaya Clothing] - Shorts [Urban Outfitters] - Shoes [Kohl's] - Watch [U.S. Polo Assn.]

   I don't regret a lot of things, but I did regret wearing this today. I woke up late with only 15 minutes to get ready, so I looked up the Emeryville weather to see what I had to wear. It was wrong; I was sweating like crazy. But anyways, I have a thing with lace and leather! I don't like looks that are too girly, so I decided to toughen it up with a pleather jacket and studded sneaker wedges. This gray polka dot sweater is one of my favorites because of the lack of color, making it easy to pair with almost anything! And, come on, polka dots are freaking adorable. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday! And if not, pull through! It's almost the middle of the week!


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  1. This is too cute! I love how you combined the leather and lace. Definitely defines my style as well haha. Love the shorts especially!




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