Don't - Ed Sheeran

"Don't fuck with my love, 
That heart is so cold, 
All over my arm, 
I don't wanna know that, babe."
Hat [F21] - Sunglasses [AliExpress] - Top [Wet Seal] - Skirt [Foreign Exchange]

   After a week full of animating, video editing, and walking to and from classrooms to finalize the documentary video my team and I have been working on, it was about time for a break. My family and extended family went to Monterey (more specifically, Marina) to relax by the beach. As usual, I decided to wear something somewhat dressy and flowy. This maxi skirt from Foreign Exchange is one of my favorites because of the split skirt and the length. The material is so light, too! I had to belt it because I didn't like it hanging at just my hips, exposing my midriff.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday in the sun! (:


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  1. You look absolutely stunning!! I love the ombre effect of your skirt. This is the perfect beach look!




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