Playground Love - AIR

"Yet my hands are shaking, 
I feel my body remains, time's no matter, I'm on fire, 
On the playground, love."
Sunglasses [Aliexpress] - Hair extensions [Amazon] - Necklace [Marc by Marc Jacobs] - Dress [c/o Charlotte Russe] - Boots [F21]

   I really really miss my fiery long red hair. It's been 5-6 months since I chopped it all off, but I miss it so much! I found these hair extensions from Amazon that were just absolutely gorgeous, so I had to get them! And I had a giftcard, so why not? They were about $7, and I think they're pretty well made! The description was black to pink, but it's a bit more dark gray to pink, but I don't mind because it blended in with my hair perfectly. I got sent this beautiful lace high low dress from Charlotte Russe to wear to my vacation next month, but I couldn't help it and ended up wearing it today! It's so soft and the details are so lovely. It's so light which is perfect for the upcoming heat.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous both ways, Diane!! I also love this dress -- the high low detail is lovely! Your summer wardrobe has been looking fabulous :)




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