Let's Get Lost ft. Devon Baldwin - G-Eazy

"What it could be? 
My imagination runs fast, 
Only if you coming with me, 
4AM staying up past."
Hat [F21] - Sunglasses [AliExpress] - Top [Urban Outfitters] - Shorts [Bloom] - Booties [H&M]

   Although I am nowhere close to being a professional or anything, I lovee taking pictures (rather, getting my picture taken) in more natural and foresty areas. My family, along with the other families I went to Monterey with, went up to Truckee, CA to spend a couple of days by the lake and to go hiking. Despite knowing that it was going to be HOT today, I really wanted to wear black. I love this top from Urban Outfitters the most out of this outfit; the gold Egyptian design is bright and vibrant, and stands out from the top like it's actual gold. So, of course, I had to pair it with my H&M booties that I have not been able to leave the house with! The gold detailing is beautiful with the design of the top and the zipper detail of the shorts.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! (:

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  1. I love your top!! You styled this all black look so perfectly. I love the scenery as well! Looks like a gorgeous area :)




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