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EVERYTHING ELSE || c/o Charlotte Russe

It's the changing of the seasons which means that my body is adjusting, and I'm sick. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to dress down or change up my style! Well, maybe an extra coat or two :P I recently got this skirt from Charlotte Russe, and I was just in awe as to how perfect it was, from the color to the length to the pleated style. Mint is a color that I always stumped me because I never knew how to style the color or coordinate it with any other color. But then I thought, "Mint chocolate chip icecream." Of course I'd think of food. So I paired the mint color with a warm brown like that of an ice cream cone, and it worked! So when in doubt, dress like food.

Have a lovely week everyone! (:


  1. I'm so into this midi length now. So classy and cute! Love your platforms


  2. Haha, thank you for the laugh Diane. When in doubt, dress like food!Fashionista NOW


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