Cotton Candy Bomb

Fun Fact: The Zodiac Killer was here.

TOP c/o Sammydress
JACKET Fashion Nova

I knew it was going to be an awesome location when Brandon slowed down and pointed to the side of the road and said, "The Zodiac Killer killed two people over there and had a cabin somewhere around here." Eerie, but pretty awesome.
Lately, I've been living in bomber jackets and hats. I've been getting so tired, so I've been throwing on a simple shirt and coordinated hats and jackets. Every time that I wear heels now are during shoots! I'm just powering through my assignments and waiting for the weather to be sunny but not cold, so I can wear pieces that I won't freeze in. 
No exciting news or anything this week or any updates. Still trying to manage my time with everything (school projects, personal projects, blog, life, etc.). I hope you all are well though! 

And happy Lunar New Year to all of you!  (/◕ヮ◕)/*✧

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis

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