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More of what I like, actually.

BODYSUIT (thank you, Emily c: )
BOOTS SpyLoveBuy

I'm more comfortable and confident wearing my biker jacket and high waisted pants than in any other pieces of clothing. If I had to choose any pieces from my closet to wear forever, I would pick these Zara high waisted pants, Zara's biker jacket, my Adidas Superstars, and any comfortable bodysuit. I've been loving bodysuits lately; they're comfortable and easy to wear, and they're incredibly chic. I love how it acts like a regular top, but more fitting because it doesn't crinkle around the corners or fold. It makes the outfit look clean and put together. 

I'm currently on my second to last term of college... what?? It's freaking me out with every passing day. I'm not going to be able to blog as much as I want to because of my busy schedule, but I have some photos prepped for a good month. Hope you're all doing well!

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis

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