In The Camper

Leaning back into the colorful array of pillows with my toes running over the intricate weave of the blanket and the sun beaming down from the top, I couldn't imagine a more relaxed place.

ROMPER selfieleslie
GOLD CHAIN BRA forever21


One of the many great perks of dating someone who works in the photography/videography field is finding such great locations that might be hidden from places like Yelp or Instagram. If you're down to invest in a place to shoot at for a couple of hours, I highly recommend going to PeerSpace and finding hidden gems like this one.

B and I are going to be releasing a lookbook soon either this week or next, depending on how picky I get with everything. Stay tuned for that! (/◕ヮ◕)/*✧

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis

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