(dɪˈzaɪnd or ˈziːnd)
(designed or dizeened)

Dizined because I'm an animation and visual effects arts student; more specifically, compositor and shading artist.

Dizined because it's essentially a magazine, journal, thought pad to Diane's daily life, my daily life.

I blog because it's my escape. The process is compelling to me because it's more than just a picture, it's a mood, a feeling. To find and coordinate an outfit that fits how you're feeling is one thing, to find a location is another. To find the perfect time of day for the lighting to shape your mood is important asset and post-work is essential for the details. It's a process that I personally enjoy, and I do it for no one but myself. My blog is what helps shape me, and you're all what inspires me.



  1. I love this. Don't think you could have explained it any better. Few people truly realize the meaning and intent behind a photo. The outfit may be the focus, but it's the takeaway that truly makes in impact! Great work. :) Keep it up.


  2. Your site is dazzling! Keep doing your thing!


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